The Village works on a large number of street construction projects throughout the year. Street reconstruction and resurfacing projects have been planned and budgeted for through our Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Street maintenance projects are approved through the annual budget.

Street Reconstruction

Project Overview: Both the street surface and utility system beneath are in need of replacement. The project will involve: removal and replacement of pavement and curb and gutter (as necessary), excavation to replace water, sanitary, and storm sewer mains, addition of gravel base, replacement of driveway aprons (as necessary), spot replacement of sidewalks. This project will disrupt traffic. There will be times during the day when the street is not drivable. Parking on the street will not be possible during construction.

Street Resurfacing

Project Overview: Pavement on this street is badly deteriorated and is in need of replacement. The work will involve crushing the existing pavement, grading the crushed material into a new base for the street, with limited removal of soft areas, and re-paving. Select curb replacement will be done. Work associated with this project is not likely to affect driveways or private property. The project limits will be just behind the curb or edge of pavement in almost all locations. Exceptions to this will be communicated to affected residents independently.

Streets Planned for Resurfacing in 2023:

  • W. Mohawk Trl. (Trailside Dr. to Clover Ln.)
  • Sunset Dr. (Campbell Hill to South St.)
  • Hawthorn Ct.
  • Trailside Dr. (Acker Pkwy. to Lexington Pkwy.)
  • Mohican Pass
  • Winn Ct.
  • Stokely Dr. (Hwy V to Bakke St.)
  • Rauls Trace
  • Blanchar's Crossing

Street Maintenance

Crack Filling: The crack filling process consists of routing, cleaning and filling random cracks and sealing existing transverse and longitudinal joints in the streets. This process will be dusty at times during the routing and cleaning of the crack, please be aware that you may want to shut windows if you see the contractor on your street. Street sweeping will occur approximately one to two weeks after the crack filling project has been completed. Once the work has begun it may take one to two days before all the work is completed on your road. All roads will be open to traffic as much as possible. Please refrain from parking vehicles on the street as this will only delay the process.

Northtowne Road, Madison Avenue, Yahara Street, Johnson Street, Columbia Avenue, Main Street, Catchfly Lane, Stonecrop Way, Indigo Drive, Bulrush Circle, Bluestem Trail, Jefferson Street, Bear Tree Parkway (from Pederson Crossing to new pavement), Parker Court, Gander Run, Great Bridge Drive, River Road (Cty Hwy V to South Street), Stoneridge Circle, Meadow Lane, Mayapple Circle, Washington Street, Russell Street, Park Avenue, Crooked Tree Drive, Crooked Tree Circle, Silver Ripple Way, and Holiday Court

Chip Sealing: A process that involves an application of liquid asphalt to the street surface, immediately followed by an application of stone chips. This seals cracks in the pavement, and extends the life of the street surface. Immediately after the process is completed, there will be some loose stone chips on the street and in the gutters which is normal. The Village will sweep the streets a few days after chips are applied. The goal of the process is for as many of the chips as possible to be embedded in the asphalt layer and driving on the new surface is the best way to make this happen. The chip sealing process will be completed in one day. Crews will return to sweep the loose stone a few days after the initial sealing process.

Little Potato Way, Shonkoo Way, N. Stevenson Street (Burton Blvd to Shonkoo Way), Columbia Avenue (Johnson Street to Halsor Road), Johnson Street (Park Avenue to Holum Street), Washington Street, Meadow Lane (Main Street to S. Hill Street), Meadow Court, Innovation Drive (Cty Hwy CV to Tuscan Ridge Circle), and Yahara Street (N. Stevenson Street to Mabel Street)