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The Village of DeForest believes that art has a special role within our community. Art can provide visual appeal to public spaces, stimulate creativity, and reinforce our community's commitment to "Growing the Good Life". As a tool, Public Art is used to educate, inspire, challenge, and preserve the character of our community, the Village of DeForest is excited to announce our first Public Art Campaign: Dragons of DeForest.

Embodying public or universal concepts, public art enhances everyone's life and is seen as an opportunity to create a more attractive, interesting community for its residents and visitors. From enhancing quality of life to economic development to celebrating our heritage and history, public art can bring life to a community.

Public Art can highlight a community's commitment to art and embrace the quality of life. Educating, inspiring, and fostering creativity, public art can be used in public spaces, revitalization, and building businesses. Art helps build communities by making them more competitive in attracting businesses, workforce talent and more. Public art is an essential component of a thriving community.

In Norse Mythology, it is said that dragons are a fantasy creature whose role was guarding treasures. The dragon is a reminder of our ancestry and as a guard of our treasure, the Village of DeForest.

10/9/2023: All Dragons have currently been sold and moved to their new owners.

The Village of DeForest is excited to bring our community the Dragons of DeForest! This free public art event features 11 large-scale dragons placed on display at various locations around DeForest. The dragons have been designed by local artists celebrating our heritage, community, and much more! Have fun going on a dragon hunt from June 3rd through September 2023!

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Public Art Campaign Auction

Dragons on display in Fireman's Park

On September 21, 2023, we concluded the Public Art Campaign: Dragons of DeForest with an online auction. Over $13,000 was raised for future public art projects. Thank you to all our artists, business sponsors, auction winners and community supporters that made our first project a success. Together, we're creating something truly special for DeForest.

Public Art Auction September 5th - 21st, 2023

Auction opens 7:00am on September 5th and bidding will end at 7:00pm on September 21st. Place your bid today! Online auction: Dragons of DeForest

Learn about each artist and dragon:

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